Planting a Seed: Working on Policy

One of things that I’ve been working on is developing a policy for inclusion of people within skills development in Bangladesh. It’s been very exciting to get input from government and disability organisations to see what the recommendations are. There’s an article here on what the Working Group on Disability Inclusion in TVET has been doing.

Gathering recommendations like this is quite abstract. It can feel a long way from a disabled person getting trained in a skill that helps them get a job afterwards. This is perhaps one of my concerns of working where I do in international development, that I can be so far from the work going on practically.

But a new friend suggested a nice way to think about the different things needed for bringing about change. He said that making a policy is like planting a seed. In order to grow it will need different people to water it and make sure it gets sunlight.

So far we’ve gotten in-depth input from over 25 organisations and soon we’ll be circulating a draft policy for wider comment. Hopefully this way of doing things will lead to both a well-designed seed as well as people that will be there to water it after planting.

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