Rethinking Disability in India (Book Review)

Dr. Anita Ghai has written an important overview of disability in India, bringing together her personal experience, activism and academic theory. The context of diversity and development in India is an important background to explore disability.

Rethinking Disability in India by Anita Ghai is an important contribution to understanding the lives of disabled people in India, to disability theory and to a range of social issues within India. Ghai’s work is frank and personal, building on her own biography to ask the ‘most critical questions’ and to deconstruct theoretical divisions. With her extensive scholarship, she brings a mass of evidence in historical, social, policy and analytical terms to understanding disability in India and its relation with different sectors. India gives a rich tapestry to show the multiplicity of the disability experience, and this is one of the key contributions of her book.

See the full review (open access) at Disability & Society.

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