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Lessons from mainstreaming disability in poverty reduction in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, one of the projects I worked on was a project dedicated to supporting poor people in towns and cities across Bangladesh. UPPR was dedicated to supporting three million poor people, and my work was to make sure that … Continue reading

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What are difficulties in cash transfers for persons with disabilities? Nepal edition.

Kristie Drucza did important research in Nepal on social protection, including on the grants given to persons with disabilities. Despite the government’s good intentions in funding the disability allowance in Nepal, it remains a problematic cash transfer that can be … Continue reading

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Just Over 4.5 US Dollars Per Month: Cash Transfers in Mozambique

Meet Carlito, in Mozambique. Carlito receives around 4.5 USD a month as a beneficiary of a programme providing support for the elderly and people with disabilities considered unable to work. As Carlito shows us in the video, even after receiving … Continue reading

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